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Ivan Drandiyski
E-mail :

Borislav Velkov /right/ and Ivan Drandiyski are a team since the begining of 2011:
‣ February / July 2011 - they worked together at the committe that was responsible for providing a general sponsor for Arena Armeets Sofia;
‣ April / July 2011 - they worked on the opening ceremony of Arena Armeets Sofia;
‣ 2011 / September 2013 - they were manager and vice manager of Arena Armeets Sofia;
‣ May / August 2012 - they finished a special course for operational and strategic management of venues and stadiums at the European Institute (EVMI) at London and Frankfurt;
‣ September 2013 till now - they are general managers of BULSTRAD Arena, consulting the last stage of the construction and now managing the venue;
‣ September 2013 till now - they established the Association for development of sports and leisure infrastructure;
‣ September 2013 till 2015 - they consult the sponsorship contract between Arena Armeets Sofia and Armeets Ltd;

‣ November 2013 till May 2017 - Borislav Velkov is main consultant and general manager of BULSTRAD ARENA;

‣ November 2013 till now - Ivan Drandiyski is main consultant and general manager of BULSTRAD ARENA;

Maxim Hristov
Sports events manager
Mobile: 0876 00 66 71
E-mail :

Naiden Stefanov
Technical Manager
Mobile: 0876 00 11 71
E-mail :

Denitsa Filipova
Office manager:
GSM: 0876 72 27 44

Dimitar Georgiev
Administration Manager
GSM: 0882 42 20 52

Krasimir Dimitrov
Security commandant
He finished his education at the Medical Academy and the Military Academy, specializing at "National Guard and Security". 
He has worked at the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Since 2015 he is leading the Security Department at the Municipality of Sofia.